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President's Welcome

Welcome to Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy!

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Staff, and the Southern Post Graduation Conference, we are elated that you have decided to join our family. Being a part of one of the most prestigious prep programs in the country, distinguishes you from an increasing number of students who will soon pursue their goal of playing collegiate sports at the next level.  I am thrilled to be part of a team of dedicated staff and community leaders who have and continue to lay the groundwork for new and innovative methods of distinguishing TVPSA as a leading prep program providing a gateway to higher education, academic success, and rewarding futures.

With a large number of students looking to play collegiate sports at the next level, it is absolutely pertinent that you take advantage of the meaningful opportunities that add value to you and your academic and athletic goals. As a member of TVPSA, you have incomparable tools and access to invaluable learning opportunities that will assist in your future endeavors. 

That being said, it is our hope that you capitalize on all that TVPSA has to offer you which includes academic courses in a traditional college campus environment, ACT Prep, athletic skills improvement and development, character and leadership building, spiritual growth, and career readiness training.  These are just a portion of the benefits you will receive as a member of our family.

So, as you begin your journey, I encourage you to get EXCITED about the learning environment that has been uniquely created for you and the rich tradition that will be the building block for your future. 

I wish you the best and look forward to an AWESOME year with you! GO DEFENDERS!


Mirael Parker

President/Executive Director

President's Welcome: About Us
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