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Covid 19

COVID-19 Update

The entire TVPSA community has worked tirelessly to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and plan for the short and long-term impacts that will be left in its wake. We are fortunate to have the resources of the Southern Post Graduate Conference and the support of our Corporate Board in this initiative. 
We have implemented a safety plan that outlines efforts to develop a flexible approach to kick off our 2021 season, while considering adjustments to be made if conditions improve or worsen. While these safety and health measures are being implemented, each guideline will address the unique needs and challenges within our program. By committing to a caring culture that starts with our personal behavior and acceptance of responsibility, this plan prioritizes the health and well-being of all our student athletes, staff, and volunteers and provides a roadmap for continuing to provide exceptional educational, athletic, and engagement programs.
These guidelines and requirements are subject to change. Please continue to check this website for the latest updates and information.

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Recruiting Fair

Tennessee Valley Prep works hard every year to get students recruited out by attending several recruiting fairs in addition to other recruiting tools.

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Instant Recruit/Instant Admission Day

On Instant Recruit Day, future defenders are able to find out more information about Tennessee Valley Prep and Calhoun Community College. Parents and athletes will be able to go on a campus tour at Calhoun Community College, who is our academic provider, and have 1-on-1 meetings with their staff and TVPSA staff to answer any further questions. This is also an opportunity to get recruits instantly signed to our program.

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